Capture your early market experience and disseminate it throughout your sales force. Whether you're using a direct sales force or rep organizations, the better you can impart your expert knowledge base to field sales and field engineering resources, the greater likelihood of successful sales.

Sales support from 2market Group can extend beyond positioning, messages and collateral materials. 2market Group can help impart market experience through sales manuals, training seminars, webinars, and other supporting activities.

Sales Manuals

Sales manuals, are an important element in introducing a new product or service to your sales force. We suggest including:

  • Product Review - additional details not brought out in the brochures, white papers or application notes. Although the sales manual should include or list all of the collateral materials, this section can provide the details that will make the sales force more ready to contribute to the customer's exploration, and should be augmented by training. This can also be the section to expand on the global vision for the product or service - product roadmaps, concomitant products, alliances and branding;
  • Key Benefits - the primary features for this product or service that make it a clear winner over the competitors;

  • Market Segments - how to identify customers most suited to the product or service;

  • Competitive Analysis - details comparing the key features for the customer. It should address a well-reasoned response to any advantage a competitive product may have;

  • Packaging and Pricing - outline how the product is sold, and pricing in quantities over time. Providing these details to the sales force gives them greater expertise in the customer's eyes;

  • Sales Cycle - by outlining the steps and timeframe of a sales, your sales force can be ready to each step of the process, and plan ways to reduce the sales closure time.

Seminars, Webinars and Customer Visits

Seminars and Webinars are a great one-on-one method for introducing or reinforcing a product or service. Recognizing the benefit of applying the information, some of the best training is provided by including the sales force in key account visits. 2market Group can provide the tools and training to best address both the seminar and customer visits.


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