2market group can work with you to evaluate the core positioning factors of features, price, competition and sales channels, as well as the softer aspects of positioning - building a vision, alliances and brand. Whether we are formally helping you develop your market strategy, or supporting your immediate marketing and sales tasks, positioning your product will permeate all of our work for you.

Features versus Price...

The first stage of positioning is to differentiate your product by capturing the unique factors of your solution and how they benefit the customer. These are normally based on features, price, and infrastructure and evaluated against your competitors. It can extend beyond the initial marketing message to white papers and application notes. Competitive analysis may be shared openly or only one-on-one with key accounts. Cost (savings) analysis may be general or specific to each prospect.

Build a Vision

In the fast-paced technology marketplace, weighing features versus price against a backdrop of fixed competitors is no longer sufficient. New competitors are constantly entering the arena, often fragmenting the market. Building customer loyalty is based on sales relationships and building a future through soft factors where customers can envision their participation. Soft factors can include building a product vision - sharing the product roadmap for the future, suggesting and implementing future possibilities through alliances, and building an image through branding.


2market Group can work with your management team to further refine your market differentiation before communicating your advantages in your sales support materials. Analysis may include one-on-one and group positioning sessions within your team, capturing and communicating the longer-term vision within your company, meeting with key customers, as well as performing extensive competitive analysis. A well executed analysis may impact far more than your marketing message, effecting your product development roadmap, pricing, training, sales channels, and corporate alliances.

A practical approach is suggested, immediately applying our work to a project - developing a new presentation, writing a brochure, adding to a web site, or developing a sales manual.

2market Group executives have experience developing this type of analysis and follow-up support for small, medium and large corporations. Please contact us to set-up a meeting to evaluate a positioning project in detail.